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  • Chennai, India
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LAB will be leading p2p revenue sharing platform providing capitals for SME's businesses.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Gunsen has graduated as an commerce student and also done his certification from Indian Institute of Banking & Finance for Trade Finance.

As founder, Gunsen brings over 20 years experience in capital raising, restructuring, re-capitalisations and operational excellence. He works closely with several corporate boards, investors, creditors and senior management on developing business strategies and maximizing shareholder value.


Founding Team

Gunsen Shah


Product/Service Summary

Lab is a private-sector social enterprise, providing Internet-based platform for domestic investors to connect directly (peer-to-peer) with low-income micro- entrepreneurs in India, who are in need of small-sized investment capitals for their businesses and ventures.

Lab facilitates direct transfers of capital from the Investors to the Clients, in the form of revenue-sharing investments.

The primary financial product of LAB is the Revenue-Sharing Contract. In essence, this is an investment contract between the Client, who owns a business, and one or several Investors who provide a certain amount of investment fund (seed or working capital) to the Client for a certain period of time, in exchange for fees, based on mutually agreed percentages of the Client’s Revenues during the specified period..

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