Laundry Captains

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On Demand Mobile based online laundry booking system.

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Team Summary

Our aim is to provide an affordable service for laundry, without compromising with the quality. We can go to the limits to make sure that the laundry that is delivered back to you is of the highest quality. We have experienced personnel in the backend who have been in this field for more than 10 years! All you need to do is to book a Pick-Up on our


    • Awlinder Bakshi

    • Founder

Product/Service Summary

Don't you now ever worry about your laundry. Laundry Captains have arrived on this earth to free the people from the tyranny of their laundry. With just one click, all your laundry problems will be magically solved. There's a new secret to clean and fresh laundry in town. It's After all, we are your laundry soul-mates.

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