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  • Chandigarh, India
  • Education, eBooks, Subscription Commerce

Learn Venue suggests and summarises important information from the textbook using deep learning algorithms.

Beta Launched

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How to solve problem of bulky backpacks that students carry?




MVP. Create notebooks and flashcards on the cloud. Access on phone No backpack.


Feedbacks Started

Started taking feedback from various students and student + online forums



From feedback we found students wanted eBooks..



Primary Market Research

Started primary market research on eBooks. Found it was the real need. 150+ PIs


New Product Release

Prototype Complete




Backend Engineer Software Engineer
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Delhi, India
Machine Learning, node.js, MEAN

Job Description
-- Intro --
At Learn Venue, we are building a digital library of textbooks (eBooks) which will be a standard for undergrads all over the world. We are building a silicon valley grade technology that mines the data and suggests students important sections of a textbook. It's like an X-Ray for books.

-- Role --
As Learn Venue's first Backend Engineer you will lead the backend practice at Learn Venue across engineering and help build and shape a growing team of backend engineers.

--- Responsibilities --- 
Code and ship the Learn Venue's web-applications 
Bring strong front-end testing practices and patterns to the product 
Team up with product managers and UX designers to understand product requirements 
Have the technical leadership to make tough design and framework choices 
Design and establish front-end best practices for years to come 
Help build a product, team, and company

--- Qualifications --- 
Demonstrated track record of building high quality Javascript-based single page applications 
Deep experience with Bootstrap or Semantic UI and also frameworks like React, Angular, Vue 
Egoless and mission focused 
Desire to meet world-class data scientists and know how they work

Team Summary

Saurabh Singh - Decisions

Saurabh is working in the domain of educational technology for the past 2 years and has built one startup while being an undergrad. He is an alumnus of Startup Weekend and has won national level awards for his entrepreneurial pursuits. He is a columnist at YourStory and Inc42. He is also the inventor of the world's cheapest braille printer which is presently patent pending in India.


Product/Service Summary

For undergrads, Learn Venue is a digital library for textbooks. Our technology suggests and summarizes important sections from the textbook using deep learning algorithms.

We aim to create paperless colleges by eliminating the need of creating notes and photocopying.

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