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Look, Education For All. Or in short, lefa is free education movement camouflaged as startup leveraging MOOCs and information war spillover.


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Team Summary

Hacker. Hustler. Comptroller and Visionary forms our seed team. Connecting link is Gawrav Mehta who has managed to bring together some great and passionate people and they actively understand each other with common learning instinct and leverage it for cause. Apart from that, Gawrav knows Nikita Singh since last 5 years and Jasmeet and Chirag since more than 6-7 months. What binds team together is their capacity and willingness to learn and believe in one another.


    • Jasmeet Kaur

    • Founder

    • Chirag Shah

    • Founder

    • Nikita Singh

    • Founder

Product/Service Summary

Education is commodity. Knowledge is currency. One is after progressive education to differentiate and stay ahead. Limitation of infrastructure and finance are biggest barrier. To solve issue digital generation seeks alternative methods of learning. LEFA is here to "Democratize Education Access" through MOOCs to make is accessible for everyone.

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