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LetsAccelerate Webinar Series 2020

Starting May 28

About LetsAccelerate

LetsAccelerate has been designed to be the infrastructure for incubators, accelerators and corporate innovation programs targeted towards startups. Having worked with founders and the ecosystem for the last 6 years, the team at LetsVenture knows the story from the trenches on the needs of founders and the outcomes they look for as being part of an incubator or accelerator.

It is our belief that enabling the leaders who manage incubators and accelerators with playbooks, best practice sharing, and all the tools required to create efficiency in management will result in time spent with founders of their cohort, which in turn will create the outcomes intended.

Niti Aayog CEO, Amitabh Kant along with STPI DG Omkar Rai launched LetsAccelerate in November 2019. LetsAccelerate processes and engagement is “playbook” driven to ensure desired outcomes are achieved by public as well as private incubator and accelerator managers.

This webinar series is the first of its kind bringing together public & private incubators and accelerators, policymakers, academia and large corporations to share best practices of running startup engagement programs.

Who Should Attend?
The program has been designed for
  • Incubator & accelerator managers
  • Folks heading corporate innovation programs
  • Someone who wants to build an incubator
  • Incubator employees
Why Attend This Webinar Series?
  • This series of webinars has some of the most credible speakers & practitioners from India & South East Asia’s top incubators and accelerators, think tanks, policymakers & thought leaders.
  • Thoughtfully curated conversations and workshops around best practices, learnings over the years on what works in India and what the future holds for this ecosystem.
  • Each session will have actionable insights.
  • This will kick off a focus group for the ecosystem to share, network and grow.
  • Knowledge database for anyone who is thinking of building an incubator, accelerator or corporate innovation program that will include best practices, processes & frameworks.

Session 1: The Art Of Curating And Managing Acceleration Portfolios

Sesion 2: Goals for 2025 by Atal Innovation Mission!

Session 3: Fostering Innovation through Education Institutions

Session 4: Masterclass - Building the Business Model for Incubators/Accelerators

Session 5: Building an Accelerator in South East Asia

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