• Gurgaon, India
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India's first reliable customized clothing, designer and affordable t-shirts, merchandize brand.

Steady Revenues

Startup Video



Started as designer customized merchandize store.




Clocked about a 1000 customers, primary focus being roadshows & exhibitions.


New Product Release

As marketplace became a new fad, got huge success in the marketplace model.


New Team Member

Started doing SEO/SEM/SMO and started focusing on Online channels.



Look for funding as we pivoted to be India's biggest design marketplace in May.




Tech Co-founder Mobile Developer, Software Engineer, UI/UX Designer, Product Manager
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Gurgaon, India
5+ Yrs of Experience, Android Apps, Website Development, Web Development, ecommerce website develpopment, Mobile Application Design, Mobile Developer

Job Description
Create and launch a new UI for LetsFlaunt.com
Build our iOS/Android/Windows app
Launch LetsFlaunt widget
Launch fully equipped Design Marketplace

Team Summary

I am Rashi Agarwal. I am one of the founders of LetsFlaunt. I am an MBA and have a corporate experience for the last 7.5 years. I have started this business with a simple concept that I want to give designers and customers a platform which bridges the gap of both sides and hence I’m confident of making it happen. Also, before starting this, I did a thorough research of 6 months where I traversed right from Ludhiana till Tirupur in south which are the biggest fabric and T-shirt markets of the country, studying various printing techniques and nuances of fabric and Indian market. Having known all ins and outs of it, I think I am qualified enough to lead this opportunity.

Also, I have a co-founder who has had exposures in leading B2C brands like Airtel & Snapdeal, with a flavor of marketing, product management, team management, e-commerce and branding, this team is poised to make it happen in a big way . Our co-founder Akash, who has amazing marketing expertise has a very creative side too. He is in huge demand in the e-commerce online world. He is working with Snapdeal to have an exposure but eventually will take up LetsFlaunt fully.

Regarding more details about the team, we don’t have a very big team. Also, we have an ever-growing team of 40 designers who are freelancers, one kickass coder, one white-hat SEO specialist, one production/printing specialist, a trsuted outsourced manufacturing unit, one full-time family designer and one outsourced agency who is taking care of social & content marketing at LetsFlaunt.

The beauty is that with such a small team, a home-based office and with a team of freelancers; if we’ve got LetsFlaunt to this level, imagine the potential if we go properly with great talent and proper marketing.


    • 40+ Freelancers

    • Designers

    • Part time

    • Ashish Pandey

    • CTO

Product/Service Summary

In India there's not a single brand yet for branded & top quality customized designer clothing & merchandise. Also, the country needs a place where designers can earn for their designs for life. LetsFlaunt intends to be India's biggest marketplace by providing designers a design platform & by providing customers world's biggest range of designs.

How are we different?

Lean structure, Minimum costs, Dedicated team, Strong intent, Top quality products. Our technology intends to provide a simple platform for designers on which they do what they like doing and that is designing. The platform surely has the potential to make millionaires out of the designers and that’s what our intent is.

Product/Service Descriptions