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We are owner's advocate and ensure smooth solar installation at lowest price and best quality

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Gaurav Sadhwani - (Engg. + MBA (ISB, Co2014)) - Was part of founding team of renewable business of infra house. Ideated three new verticals in renewable business forecasting as service, energy storage & roof top.

Actively looking for CTO to strengthen IT and data analytics capability.

Others: Engineer and Sales prof from solar industry


Product/Service Summary

LetsGoSolar is an online bidding platform
We help consumers & small businesses understand savings potential from solar roof top. We handhold consumers till the installation all for free
We help solar companies reduce their marketing expense. Make them independent of channel partners and still increase their customer base.
We make solar brighter

How are we different?

Solar is too complex for our home owners & small businesses to understand, arrange finance for & invest into
On the other hand, for roof top installers, finding a right customer and roof combination is too costly and time consuming.
Our platform simplify this transaction by bringing transparency with our proprietary bid generator engine.

Product/Service Descriptions