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Digital alter egos & Google Analytics for physical products. Hyperlinking the real world.

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Mar 16, 2015


Team Summary

Raghu is the solo founder & CEO of Linqs. He has 12 years of experience in creating large extensible software platforms across desktop, web & mobile at GE Global Research & Oracle.


Product/Service Summary

Linqs is a proximity communications solution with
a) A platform where mobile web services that are digital alter ego of physical products are built & hosted.
b) Cloud managed NFC tags that link products to their unique identity in Linqs platform.
c) SaaS tool for managing Linqs enabled infrastructure & viewing customer interaction analytics.

How are we different?

- Commercially deploying the "Physical Web" platform that Google has just started out on.
- Focusing on the the long tail of Internet of Things, aiming to be Facebook for Things
- Enabling Google Analytics kind of measurement for physical world interactions
- Aiming to be the platform over which others could build mobile web services for Things

Product/Service Descriptions