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We are making people's life more luxurious and that too at a very affordable price .

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



Team Summary

Nishant Kejriwal, TCS Research (2012 to present)
○ B.Tech in CSE from IIT Jodhpur
Role :
● To make a strong network of vendors and furniture
● To deal with overall functioning of the company.

● Nikhil Jain, Synopsys Inc (2015 to present)
○ B.Tech in EE from IIT Jodhpur
Role :
● To focus on overall marketing for customers


Product/Service Summary

We are providing an end to end B2C rental service for quality checked household items and furniture.No buying, No selling and maintenance cost for the customers.We believe people should not buy things rather they should save that money and enjoy the luxury on rent.We will make people’s lives comfortable by providing hassle free renting service.

How are we different?

Working on Z3 model for customers.
○ Zero maintenance cost.
○ Zero transportation cost.
○ Zero loss of reselling a product.

“Rent to Own” concept for long term customers.
● Hybrid business model which eventually will be
converted to marketplace model.
● Owner based furnishing of flat which will act as
a barrier to other players

Product/Service Descriptions