LotaData, Inc.

  • San Francisco, USA
  • AIMachine Learning, AnalyticsBusiness Intelligence, Enterprise SoftwareLocation Based, Platform, Mobile, SaaS

LotaData provides "People Intelligence" in the form of geo-analytics and deep insights for the connected mobile world

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Team Summary

Apu Kumar is the CEO and Founder of LotaData. He is a Stanford engineering alum with Silicon Valley street cred. His previous startups include BlueStacks, mySimon and Phoenix/HyperSpace. In addition to being a serial entrepreneur, Apu also brings large enterprise experience at Hewlett Packard (HP Labs) and CNET.com.

LotaData's core team are experts in geostatistics, machine intelligence, predictive analytics, searchable APIs, mobile SDKs and data marketplaces. The team is smart, lean, scrappy and nimble, the best collection of talent to solve complex geospatial problems.


Founding Team

CEO @ LotaData, Board Advisor @ Exvision, SVP, Global Sales & BD @ BlueStacks, Software Director @ HP, Software Engineer @ mySimon CNET, MS Stanford University


LotaData, Inc. (2015 - present)

Exvision Inc. (2015 - present)
Board Advisor

GamePop (2013 - 2015)
SVP and GM


Stanford University
MS • 1996 - 1998

University of Mumbai
BS • 1992 - 1996

Ruparel College
1990 - 1992

Product/Service Summary

LotaData pioneered "People Intelligence" (trademarked). Our Artificial Intelligence B2B platform provides geo-analytics and predictive insights for the connected mobile world.

Your mobile location is a strong indicator of your intent. LotaData's thesis is that "where you are in the real world is a great indicator of who your are and what you might do next".

As connected devices like mobile phones, cars, and iot send back trillions of location signals each day, LotaData collects and transforms this data into user profiles and behavioral segments, with high accuracy and at massive scale. We have data for 80 Million mobile devices. At present growth rate, we will exceed 150 Million mobile devices by Q1 2018.

LotaData's customers include mobile telcos, app publishers, marketing agencies, retail brands, financial services, and government agencies who subscribe to data insights through our B2B SaaS platform.

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