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Who should apply??

Novatia is open for all. Novatia is open to all. However, in order to impart a fair competition, Novatia 2017 will broadly have two categories. The categories are:

  • Ideation/Prototype Stage - This category includes the startups which have not been established, or generating revenue. They are budding startups which have an idea to solve a problem, and a presentable prototype for the same.

  • Growth Stage - This category consists of the startups that already have actualized their idea, and are now actively generating revenue. However, participants under growth stage must not be older than 3 years on 2nd September 2017. Also, the startup should not be VC funded. However, startups funded by angel investors or bootstrapped startups are allowed to participate.

What to expect?

Novatia offers a lot of opportunities to its participants:

  • Mentoring session for about a month

  • Build up the network

  • Funding opportunities

  • A way to various corporate events.

  • Exposure

  • Incubation

What is "the" selection process??

The participants’ entries will be shortlisted with the help of our corporate partners. Shortlisted participants will be given mentorship for about a month where participants will improve their B-Plan with the help of mentors. On the basis of later B-Plan, some participants will be allowed to appear in Finale which will be held during Coalescence, on 2nd September, 2017, at BITS Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus.


  • Registration Open – 14/06/2017

  • Registration Close – 30/06/2017

  • Result of Round 1 – 05/07/2017

  • Mentoring Period – July,2017

  • Declaration of Finalists – August, 2017

  • Finale – 02/08/2017, BITS Pilani, K.K. Birla Goa Campus

For pitch deck template, refer:

Pitch deck will provide our judges a better knowledge about you. However, uploading a pitch deck is not mandatory. You can register without uploading it.

For any further details, visit

Ideation/ Prototype stage startups can register as Ideation, Proof of Concept or Beta stage. Growth stage startups can register as early revenues and Steady revenues stage.

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