M.A.A. (Modified Artificial Assistance )

  • Bangalore, India
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Who can solve all the problems? We know it, maa can and here is your MAA to tackle all the mental health issues. Say No More, MAA is here!


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Team Summary

I'm a student of Psychology, Marketing and Economics. I'm a sportsman, writer and a helper. I want to help society with raising mental health issues and hence here I am, I'm planning to pursue my idea, no matter what happens. I believe that I'm an one man army!


Founding Team

Shivam Singh


Product/Service Summary

My idea is to create a system which can help people to improve their mental health. An application or a complete device which will guide people, asses their mental health, provide them possible solutions and when needed provide them help. It will consist psychological tests/screening tests, therapies, development programs, psychologist’s help, health institutes and other agencies which can be helpful. It'll have two modes, first person (to help yourself) and second person (to help a loved one).

This application/software will have immense applications; just to put it simply, it can be used anywhere where humans work. Offices, Homes, Police, Doctors, Lawyers, Engineers, and I must say 'Entrepreneurs', etc. It'll be integrative with services like health resorts, marriage sites, career guidance, social media sites, etc.

Product/Service Descriptions