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Machine Shoppers is an online marketplace to rent industrial equipment

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Sales Executive Sales & Marketing
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Delhi, India
Communication skills, Ability to learn, ,customer acqusition

Job Description
iMonitor Solutions is a leading player in 'Internet of things' space and has built a wonderful wireless remote monitoring solution for smart homes , with security, energy management and home automation features. The company was incorporated in 2010 in Illinois, US and further set up its R&D facility in Bangalore in 2011. 

It is a technology based solution which finds resonance with home owners looking for enhanced security, convenience and control over appliances from anywhere, anytime. 

We are hiring self-motivated individuals with strong communication skills. The position offers opportunity to become familiar with futuristic solutions leveraging new age technologies such as mobile, cloud, data analytics and wireless. 

Location- Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi/NCR
Compensation - Competitive 

Team Summary

Himanshu Singhal, Education – IIT Kanpur ‘07, IIM Kolkata ‘12, has 6.5 Years of Experience in Management Consulting, Heading operations in an E-commerce company.
Milan Singh, Education – IIT Kanpur ‘12, has 3.5 years of experience in Project Engineering and Management in EPC industry, Operations management in a leading B2B E-commerce company.


Product/Service Summary

We aim to provide our customers a hassle-free experience of 'equipment rental procurement', Completing the transaction cycle within minutes. Indicative categories that we deal in are : Generators, Heavy Machine : Cranes & Earth-movers, Scaffolding, Power tools, Boring and a few more.

How are we different?

The current process of equipment hiring is: research the available vendors -->confirm availability -->get quotes -->negotiate -->release order. We aim to create a machine bank of equipment with details of specifications, make, location and availability, per-negotiated rates and terms of payment, enabling the completion of transaction within minutes

Product/Service Descriptions