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maidNdroid is Uber-like maid service with end-to-end monthly packages designed for the consumers.

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Team Summary

(-): First time entrepreneurs. No prior working experience in this sector.
(+): Truly passionate. Spent last 2 years on this project, found the magic sauce. Being a consumer previously provided extra edge to deal with customer expectation


Founding Team

Chiranjib Chatterjee


Polashree Borthakur


Product/Service Summary

To provide a brief introduction about maidNdroid, we are an online aggregator of trained maids. We connect consumers with reliable & professional maids.
According to OECD report, on an average, people spend more than 2 hours every day on the household work. Based on the national data available, the estimated value of this sector in India could be nearly $20 billion (annually), which will grow 2X by 2025.

Though this is a huge industry, still it's mostly ruled by whims and fancies of the independent maids or other similarly ineffective solutions.

We believe every consumer deserves a maid who is professional, on-time, consistent, doesn't take any sudden day-off, coupled with quality service, technical expertise and lot more.

Our solution of end-to-end monthly packages, based on work-time predictability, along with other hosts of features is aimed to solve the existing problems and make this industry more predictable.

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