• Bangalore, India
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"F2C"- Factory to Customer is on now. Do you want to create the items you wish to buy by yourself ? You can select your color, size & style.

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Team Summary

Cloudnix Labs pvt ltd is the website developer. They are into ecommerce website buisness since 2012.

Media Jackers is into Digital Marketing they are into the online marketing since 2013.

Pella Studios, is into designing, they are into the designing field since 2012.


Product/Service Summary

We are running a concept called "F2C" Factory to customer where we sell only those items which can be manufactured in our factory. We have started with clothing where go with Organized retail strategy wherein we do not have to maintain physical inventory, we store raw materials and once orders is through we process the same.

How are we different?

We are creating a virtual 3D platform which allows customers to come online and create and design their own clothes. We provide them with various materials, colors, buttons, threads and they can apply the same to the virtual image and they buy it. Then we process the order exactly as requested and deliver the same to the customer.

Product/Service Descriptions