Matamaal (Grandmothers house) -

  • Delhi, India
  • Food & Beverages

Matamaal (Grandmothers home) is a Kashmiri restaurant which provides mouth watering hindu dishes

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Team Summary

Nalini Moti Sadhu, the head chef and owner of Matamaal runs the restaurant from her home kitchen and has been praised for her amazing state of the art preparation of the food.


Product/Service Summary

Matamaal is a Kashmiri Hindu take-away restaurant in Delhi NCR. It has been rated as the best Kashmiri restaurant in Delhi NCR and has plans of expanding its horizon and cater to the demand in the market. There are currently not many kashmiri restaurants compared to the demand in the market.

How are we different?

Considering the demand, there are not many kashmiri restaurants in India. Matamaal, being a take-away is doing so well, which shows the quality and love the food is prepared with. Royal Kashmiri Hindu cuisine with German brewery, best of both the worlds will bring out the best flavours.

Product/Service Descriptions