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We have shown our POCs to clients. We need funding for making the product.

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Bangalore, India
Angular JS, spring framework, Java, J2EE, HTML css Javascript

Job Description
Job Description for
Software Engineer, Senior Software Engineer, Technology Lead
About Mathologic: This startup is created to realize our dream of making innovative software products and sell them in the world. We are focusing on complex mathematical problems that have not been solved so far and making IT solutions around them. Initially we are focusing on Railway domain. Our products in the pipeline are Decision support systems for crew scheduling, locomotive scheduling, rake scheduling, traffic block scheduling and time tabling (train scheduling). We will also make OHE design optimization software.
The startup is mentored by Prof Bodhibrata Nag of IIM Calcutta.
The startup is founded by Dr. Manish Kumar, who was class one officer in the railways for 13 years, a professor for 3 years at MDI Gurgaon, and researcher for 7.5 years at Infosys Labs. Dr. Manish is an alumnus of IITD and IIMC.
It is incubated in IIIT Bangalore.
More details can be seen at
Job Responsibilities: Our main purpose is to make world class products. Domain specialist will give clear cut business requirement, test data, the way UI should look and how the product software will be used. He will explain all the requirements in complete detail as many time as needed. Technical team, which include software engineer, senior software engineer, technology lead and technology architect will ensure the products are made as per requirements.
After the requirement are understood, the Technology architect/ Technology Lead/ Senior Software Engineers are expected to design the software. There are three expectations here- Design the data base, identify technology to be used, figure out how the system will behave with respect to data fetching, waiting time for response etc, then do actual coding.
Technology Skills: These technology skills are needed for product developed. Must be expert in database design, Java/J2EE, AngularJS, Spring Data Rest, Web Services, Spring Security, HTML5, CSS3, D3.JS. These are the thing expected in the first three product.
In general, following will be needed- Analyzing Information, General Programming Skills, Software Design, Software Debugging, Software Documentation, Software Testing.
Senior most among the technology team will be Technology Architect. There will be no back up for him in technology areas.
Academic Abilities: His/ her CV must show proof of excellent academic skills. Must be in top 10% of the class in high school, intermediate, and top 25% in B.Tech. Must be from top tier institutes such at IIT, IIIT, NIT, or one of the top 50 engineering institutes in India.
Experience: 1-6 year relevant experience.
Technical Abilities: His /her CV should reflect at least one proof that he/she is an expert coder and can think logically.
Job location is Bangalore. But he may be asked to travel within India for execution of project for short duration. After one year he may be asked to travel outside India when we take our products to global market.
Selection Method: There are three rounds in selection
1. Shortlisting based on CV and referral. Followed by non-technical telephonic interview in which we will explain about the company philosophy and know about you.
2. Telephonic interview by technology experts.
3. Logical and analytical ability written test- There will be a written test of 1 hour on solving puzzle or other mathematical stuff. Coding written test- He will be asked to code on a project and coding will be analyzed. Personality test/ interview and salary discussion.
Salary: Salary and compensation will be in top 20-25 percentile in software industry, commensurate to experience and skills. Salary will not be a problem for right candidate.
Opportunity to participate in the enterprise as owner. We are working out modalities so that it gives a fair opportunity to employees to participate in the enterprise.
Call 9481578871 and write email to for any clarification.
Dr. Manish Kumar

Team Summary

We have domain experts with experience in railway industry. We have hired technology experts who make the products as per directions of domain experts. Our founders are educated at IIT and IIMs.


Founding Team

Product/Service Summary

In first phase we are making these products.
1 DSS to make crew link
2 DSS to make loco link
3 DSS to make rake link
4 DSS to make time table
5 Traffic Block Scheduler
6 Workshop Staff Scheduler

Product/Service Descriptions