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  • Pune, India
  • Platform as a Service, Mobile

We are a GIS platform-as-a-service company, connecting people, their location, their need at a particular time.

Early Revenues

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AIT students likely to final carpooling deal with Microsoft | Indian Express

We won first price in the NokiaX dev program when we ported carEgiri to the NokiaX platform. At this time Microsoft also agreed to support us in this initiative. We have tied up all companies working around Microsoft office in Bangalore for carpools.


Pool in your cars to Hinjewadi IT Park | DNA India

We have approached the Hindjewadi Association for getting their permission to add all the companies as our clients on our app. Also to do on-road promotions (, has more than 200 photos uploaded of our campaign.


Carpooling App | Sakal Marathi

We were covered by the local newspaper to ensure that the news reaches walks of people. It was a interesting experience talking to Sakal Marathi.


AIT Students design carpool app | Indian Express

We were covered by Indian Express even before we released our app. We explained to them our plans of this app, and that we were about to release a safe carpooling app for Intracity office to home scenario. They wanted to be the first to cover us.

New Product Release

We are adding 2 more SEZ's and 25 companies in those zones.



New Product Release

We added Bangalore with 8 SEZ's covered, following requests playstore reviews.


New Product Release

On our first anniversary, adding a feature to remotely add cities and SEZ's.



New Product Release

We are revamping the UX of our app, carEgiri.




HTML CSS Javascript Developer Software Engineer
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Pune, India
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap

Job Description
About Internship:
We are looking for a JSP, HTML, CSS developer who understands techniques to refactor existing code and organise it to a level of neatness and design.

Task 1
We have close to 500 jsp files, and each of them have common code. We want to organise it to maintain neatness.

Task 2
These JSP's use 3rd party scripts and bootstrap. They need to all be organised into directories and source of those scripts to be found, so that their TnC can be reviewed. 

Roles And Responsibilities:
1. Understand Existing JSP
2. Recode JSP for neatness and design
3. Test the changes to ensure that no bugs arrise 

1. Understanding of a full live product
2. Learning of design patterns

Digital Marketing Sales & Marketing
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Pune, India
Social Media Marketing, Graphic Designer - Advertisements

Job Description
We are looking at someone who can take over all of social media marketing to advertisements. Someone who can think out of the box, and work independently. In addition to marketing skills they should also have graphic designing skills to be able to develop targeted ad's on social media.

Team Summary

Siddharth Jagtiani has 17+ years experience in product software development and project management. Naren has 17+ years experience in software services, project execution and product realization. Together we believe we share the same dream, reduce traffic on the roads by 75%. Our location, time & purpose PAAS platform is ready to solve the problem.


Founding Team

Product/Service Summary

We are a GIS platform-as-a-service company, connecting people, their location, their need at a particular time. We believe in developing rock solid, highly performing, scalable and stable platform for our customers.

Product/Service Descriptions