• Bangalore, India
  • Retail

Technology solution to retail is still on old platforms. Today's new tech options provides lot of opportunity to disrupt this huge market.

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Team Summary

Team comprises 2 developers, 1 hardware designer, 1 legal support and 1 business developer. All are engineering graduates from different streams working in tandem to bring out the most innovative game changer product for retail industry.


Product/Service Summary

Based on our personal experience we have built an innovative product to cater to millions of small and medium retailers. Our product is a combination of hardware, software and service support which promise the retail sector of technology up gradation and protection from the likes of online retailers.

How are we different?

We understand the pulse of the industry. We are focused at small and medium retailers who basically form the base of the pyramid. The vast community is feeling insecure and craving to adopt to new methods. We plan to introduce best of technology at most affordable cost. We foresee a day where even a street vendor is able to use our products.

Product/Service Descriptions