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We are a Healthcare company focusing on news delivery and jobs. We also connect consumers to doctors

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Team Summary

We have a team of 15 at our offices at New Delhi. Our key founding members include a renowned cardiologist and head of Sanjeevan Hospital- Dr. Prem Aggarwal, Meghna Singhania- Editor in Chief, Msc Eco, London Business School, Varun Suri- CMO, MBA with 9+ years experience and Shashank Chiranewala, Head of Strategy- Msc, Umich, 5+ years IB and PE exp


Product/Service Summary

We are a Healthcare oriented portal delivering news concerned with Healthcare holistically. We have a subsidiary- Budget Treatment which focuses on helping consumers find medical institutions/practitioners for procedures and assist them through the lifecycle of the treatment. MD encompasses a job portal dedicated to the medical profession.

How are we different?

We are a holistic service provider providing an interactive platform for medical professionals to receive important news on a realtime basis. We also provide an interactive platform for the professionals to voice their platform. We provide consumers assistance with the entire lifecycle of their medical procedure (not a database) and advise them

Product/Service Descriptions