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A tablet based application for doctors to "write" patient notes in searchable and sharable way.

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Team Summary

Founder is IIT Bombay alumini and co-founder has worked 10 years in G.E. Healthcare. Product development handled by two IIIT Hyderabad alumni having 12 years of rich research experience. Sales and Marketing team comprises of four persons each of them having experience 3 years to 25 years working for various Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals.


    • Satish Pedduri

    • CTO

    • Nikhil Reddy

    • Lead Generator

    • Guru Raj

    • technical Director

    • Part time

    • Dr. Srinivas Raju

    • Advisor

    • Part time

    • Sampath Kumar

    • Marketing Consultant

    • Part time

Product/Service Summary

A cloud hosted, tablet based application for doctors and their assistants to "write" patient notes in searchable, meaning full way. Share it with peers or assistants for collaboration and generate reports for clinical work flow analysis. Its like carrying a clinic in pocket.

How are we different?

Existing hospital automation software like booking, billing, EMR (Electronic Medical Records) are modeled for desktops making data entry difficult for doctors and interrupt their practice. Our software replace prescription pad with tablet and pen with stylus. The "notes" can be securely stored, shared and analyzed by connecting to internet.

Product/Service Descriptions