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Meeturite is an online marketplace that enables buying/selling access to people's time.

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Team Summary

Amit S Closepet - Electrical engineer with a masters in ‘Energy Management power auditing and Lighting’, has two years of work experience in R&D at Intel Labs and about 4 years of experience in running a business related to renewable energy. He is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Renewable Energy.
Pooja Amit - Engineering degree in Telecommunication and two Master’s degree in Embedded Systems and Control systems. She has previously worked at Bosch and Chelsio Communications.
Adithya V - Engineering degree in Telecommunication, an MBA in Business Strategy and specializes in Growth Company Strategy, has about 9 years of IT and Web Product building experience


Founding Team

Amit S Closepet


Pooja A Closepet


Adithya Vasudevamurthy


Product/Service Summary

Meeturite is an online marketplace that enables its skilled registered users to sell their time. Every user can register with their area of expertise & put a price on thier time. Any interested user can schedule a meeting and make an online payment to complete the meeting. Meetings are setup online whereas meetings can happen either online or face to face.
We also provide every user with a virtual diary for notes , thoughts etc. that can be either published or kept private.
This tool helps democratise consulting & provides a platform for every skilled individual to make the most of their time.

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