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Team Summary

Abhishek Mishra: Founder & CEO:
Studied MEng in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in University of Brighton after getting a fully funded scholarship from the university.
Known for the solution-seeker and inventive thinker he is, Abhishek is sure to have an answer for all your probable questions and improbable queries. With a simple life in Bihar and having lost his father at an early age, Abhishek has been a striver and achiever doggedly! With a scholarship-sponsored, hard-earned degree at the University of Brighton, UK and presently working as a Research Assistant at Brookings India, Abhishek is highly admired for his exceptional working style and business acumen. Apart from an inspiring professional stint, Abhishek is a natural problem-solver and a passionate painter. A technology expert, a pillar to MeListo and an incessant source of motivation, Abhishek is sure to impress you whenever you engage in a simple, compound or complex conversation with him!
Work Experience (Company, Functional Area No. of Years,)
• Brookings India : Research Assistant Oct 2015 to Present
• Rolls Royce Motor Cars : Planning Engineer June 2012-Oct 2014
• Brighton University Student Ambassador May 2011- June 2015

Jimmy Meghani: Co-Founder & COO:
Studed BSc in Finance and Investment in University of Brighton with Deans List.
He is a true stickler for work and perfection, Jimmy drives the team to outdo and holds ground when the going gets tough! Well, Jimmy understands numbers, cash inflows, and outflows like none can! A nerd you may say, but we differ!
With an expertise across domains and sectors, Jimmy adds an unparalleled value to the team. Graduating with Deans List from the University of Brighton and having worked in multiple sectors such as Travel, Banking and Insurance, and Media, glorifies him with a solid profile. He currently makes money with Barclays Capital, India. A fervent traveler and adventurer, Jimmy loves to travel to distant lands and engage with the local folks, learning about diverse cultures, languages and traditions. That makes Jimmy a passionate agriculturalist, self-driven grower, language translator, tested cook, Hindi teacher and more so a considerate individual. Be it expertise with numbers or fluency with words, Jimmy is an interesting personality to engage with!
Work Experience (Company, Functional Area No. of Years,)

• Barclays Capital, Markets Risk & Control 1 Year,
• OSTC, Futures Trading 2yrs 3 months,
• AIG Travel Guard Acquisition Finance 6 Months,
• Walt Disney Finance , 1 Year 1 month,
• Domestic and General Insurance, Sales and Service 3 Year 10 Months,


Founding Team

Abhishek Mishra


Team Members

Jimmy Meghani

Jimmy Meghani

NIschal Arvind

NIschal Arvind


Product/Service Summary

We are changing the way health care records are managed until now, we allow the diagnostic records to be owned by the Users and not just by the doctors, this allows the users to have all digitally stored and can be accessible everywhere in India. Making Diagnosis better and accurate, allowing doctors more visibility to records and application of AI

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