• Mumbai, India
  • CommunicationMessaging, Platform as a Service, E-commerce

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

2 founders, Venkatesh Suvarna(18 yrs old) and Jeet Patalia(21 yrs old) Final Year B.Tech Students, Finance executive is a Chartered Accountant, our marketing and technical team are highly experienced people in their own fields.


Product/Service Summary

We are making an human powered personal assistant that will allow users to give their tasks to our assistants. These tasks include booking tickets, order food, recommend gadget/software/insurance plans/stock predictions, book hotel rooms and almost any mundane task you can think of, so that customers can concentrate on their life.

How are we different?

We are much different then our competitor Haptik, they only offer recommendation services and that too not of high quality, but we shall do all the mundane tasks for you. Also, we have a very strong marketing team would ensure we reach to people faster. Highly experienced technical team ensures both our work gets faster.

Product/Service Descriptions