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Online Portal for Light Fittings, Design your Lighting plan with the help of our Consultants

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Team Summary

Mikadolighting.com has an experienced team who understand the Lighting Market like no one else. Our Knowledge of the Lighting Market along with our drive to excel will result in a winning combination


Product/Service Summary

Mikadolighting.com is an online portal for Light Fittings, we have over 1000 products across 30 Categories. In addition to that we offer a service wherein the customer can work with our Consultants to design their own lighting plan for their homes within a budget. This service is free of cost.

How are we different?

MikadoLighting.com is the one of the first portals in India to offer Light Fittings exclusively. In addition to selling products, which any online Portal would do, we offer the customer a service by helping them designing there Lighting Plan with the help of our consultants. We are confident the interaction at a personal level will result in sales

Product/Service Descriptions