Moapsys Technosoft Pvt. Ltd

  • Bangalore, India
  • Medical, Mobile Advertising, Mobile Commerce, Mobile TV, Mobile

Moaysys helps ailing patients, to get medical help without moving out of the house.

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



Team Summary

We are team of 3 people in founding capacities,
Pramodh, comes from HR and Business Strategist Backdrop, with 18 years of experience.
Basappa, comes with a 20 year of experience in Financial auditing as a certified CA
Srikanth, is a technology whizzkid, with a technical education, has been working for USA&Singapore regions on e-commerce tech space


Product/Service Summary

Moapsys, is a service enabler for the masses, Live and let live policy

How are we different?

We have a very robust plan to take mobile industry to the last mile, The business model is a patentable one.

Product/Service Descriptions