Modular Cabinets System

  • Auroville, India
  • Manufacturing, Retail, Services, Social Impact, Enterprise

Modular Furniture from villages to upcoming townships. Grows & changes with family's growing needs!


Startup Video



Team Summary

Natasha Salgia: The vision holder.
Holger Reuter: The Marketing Partner.
Anand : Project Green Hands, Isha: Prototype and Supply chain defining Partner.
Kenji: Japanese Carpenter
Sukumar and Annamalai: Local Carpenters


Product/Service Summary

A modular furniture system for the urban Indian townships, that is made in small-scale rural workshops. The modules can grow and change in aesthetic appeal over time. It can collected back at the production house, to be renewed and sold in the second hand market or be dismantled for a complete material recyclability.

How are we different?

It's the first attempt to make modular furniture out of local hardwoods and local people. Modular furniture made in huge industries uses a lot of toxic chemicals and is not long lasting in its use. The new design uses materials and techniques that makes it easily mass producible in any basic carpentry workshop across India and have a long life.

Product/Service Descriptions