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Mobile app that makes planning meet ups with friends simple: 4 quick steps, no typing & you’re done!

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Vaibhav Sinha studied at IIT Delhi. He has more than 15 years of experience as a coder and has built several successful tech companies.

Arjun Gadkari studied at the University of Oxford. He founded a food startup that makes India's hottest chili sauce.

Lucy Gadkari also studied at Oxford. She has a background in brand strategy and advertising.


Product/Service Summary

moodoo is a mobile application that will simplify the way we organise getting together with friends.

Technology is streamlining the world around us yet the process of organising a casual meet-up between friends (e.g. drinks after work) is still based on inefficient messaging platforms.

We believe moodoo can become the go-to meeting up app.

How are we different?

Existing apps offer a “who’s in?” broadcast, which misses the crux of putting the plan together in the first place. moodoo has the answer, which lies in mimicking natural human tendencies and the need to make a plan in collaboration.

Our USPs:

- Collaborative plan-making
- No typing
- Mood-based, local venue search
- Inherently spontaneous

Product/Service Descriptions