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Movense lets you capture selfies, parties & trip photos thru MOVE, A new file format that renders pics in 3D motion with reverse playback.

Beta Launched

Startup Video



Movense Featured in NDTV Unicorn TV Series | NDTV Prime

NDTV Unicron Startups TV series featured Movense story and told about how Movense is envisioning to capture the VR and 360 media market bound to grow exponentially in coming time.

Aug 30, 2016


Movense featured in HT Times | HT Times

Movense Entertainment covered in HT Times Publication at Nasscom Konnect Event.

Mar 09, 2016


Started developing first prototype for Movense 360 VR video viewing platform.



Media Coverage

After getting incubated Nasscom program, Movense got featured in HT times news.



Media Coverage

Movense got featured in NDTV Unicorn TV Series to showcase our growth over time


New Product Release

Launched Movense - 3D Moves Android app.



Team Summary

Gaurav Vij, CEO, Movense Entertainment
Leads the product, business and user growth development along with managing the working operations.

Himanshu Singla, CTO, Movense Entertainment
Manages and Leads the tech product development operations.

Core Team:
1 Android Mobile App Developer
1 Web Full Stack / Server Side Developer
1 Computer Vision / Image Processing Developer


Product/Service Summary

Movense creates next-gen immersive 3D motion photography technologies so that users can share their emotions (selfies), events (parties) and world experiences (trips & travel) with friends and family thru MOVES.

MOVE is our new in-house developed file format that captures your real-world moves in 3D motion; publishes it to digital web and mobile app platforms and allows you to play the move without pan/zoom action. Simply twist your wrist to play move forward or reverse with simple flip of your wrist. It's the most user-friendly way to view immersive motion.

Building on your need for a social network, Movense has created a portal to catalog & archive your MOVES. Check out over 1300 Life Memories, Trips, Food, Fashion and Selfies in 3D motion published by people across the globe.
So go ahead and "Share your MOVES" like never before!

Product/Service Descriptions