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Movense app allows a user to capture 360 /3D immersive pics such as selfies, life moments, travel journeys and share among friends.

Beta Launched

Startup Video



Movense Featured in NDTV Unicorn TV Series | NDTV Prime

NDTV Unicron Startups TV series featured Movense story and told about how Movense is envisioning to capture the VR and 360 media market bound to grow exponentially in coming time.

Aug 30, 2016


Movense featured in HT Times | HT Times

Movense Entertainment covered in HT Times Publication at Nasscom Konnect Event.


Started developing first prototype for Movense 360 VR video viewing platform.



Media Coverage

After getting incubated Nasscom program, Movense got featured in HT times news.




Team Summary

Gaurav Vij, CEO, Movense Entertainment
Leads the product, business and user growth development along with managing the working operations.
Himanshu Singla, CTO, Movense Entertainment
Manages and leads the tech product development operations.
1 Android and 1 web developer along with the founding team are working in the product development side.


Product/Service Summary

Movense app allows a user to capture 3D/360 degree Moves (a mobile snap that you can sense on rotation of phone) and share among their friends and social circle.
Our Mobil technology allows an individual to view content from different angles in the same picture. The horizons of mobile photography can be extended to a more vivid and immersive experience using our tech to capture travel journeys, life moments, experiences of a user.

How are we different?

Movense 360/3D mobile photography capturing technology is creating an ecosystem of immersive controllable media content like never before.
Uniqueness for Movense lies in it's focus on building a dedicated community of users who want to experience this fascinating 3D photography for capturing selfies, groupies, life moments, fun activities and share among their social circle.

Product/Service Descriptions