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Mozzo brings offline commercial spaces to life by enabling shoppers to interact and engage with products and places nearby real-time

Early Revenues

Startup Video



POC Beta Launched



POC complete

POC completed at one location. Product development started based on feedback.




Deals cracked with MovieTime Multiplex for PAN India Roll out



Deals cracked with Wave Multiplex Chains for PAN India Roll out.


New Product Release

Product Development complete for Roll out to Multiplexes across India



Tie up with Spice Cinemas for implementation of Mozzo Queue skipping + Kiosk



Team Summary

· Pranav- Founder, CEO 2014 DCE graduate experience of 2 years Business Consulting at EY
· Aviral ( CTO & Co-founder; won multiple global coding competitions (Google - Code in 2010) and has also developed MVPs for several tech and service-based startups while freelancing in the past.
· Bharat- Marketing & BD 2013 DCE 3 years experience at Jaypee group Pepertap and has also cofounded Dhodu a logistics company
-Prateek- Android developer GSOC 2014 and has won several coding/hackathons competition in the past.
-Sparsh- VP Sales & CPO 2015 DCE Graduate, Worked 1.5 Years Analysts in ZS Associate, Enactus President DTU, Represented India internationally as a social entrepreneur in Enactus World Cup 2014.
· We have also hired some interns for BD, content and Graphic design.


    • Bharat Bhushan

    • COO

    • Shalini Rai

    • Social Media Marketing

Product/Service Summary

Let us take you through a customer's journey on entering a Mozzo powered location- eg Multiplex/Foodcourts/Retailers

1) You will see Promotions to -" Switch on your Bluetooth and interact with products and sections around you."
2) Once your Bluetooth is turned on, you will start receiving custom-set Physical Web notifications from the various beacons attached to products/places near you.
3) On tapping a notification, relevant information/interaction associated with nearby products/places will pop on your mobile screen.

Welcome to Mozzo's micro-location aware world!

How does it help the businesses?
Apart from delighting their customer's, the businesses will get e-commerce style analytics on shopper behavior and demographics as well as store traffic.

How are we different?

Mozzo helps business owners build an interactive customised in-store experience for their customers via physical web technology leveraging Eddystone beacons.
· In-store & Nearby(up to 100M) offline transactions facilitated via latest technology
· No App Download Required- Simply Switch on Bluetooth/connect to store free wifi and start ordering
· Offline functionality- as a locally hosted application on the client's pre-existing routers for Cash transactions.
· Eddystone/iBeacons- Business owners can push custom notifications to nearby(up to 100 m/in-store customers

Why should you fund us?
-Focused team leveraging emerging physical web technologies to revolutionise in-store experiences.
-Our Experience-based, cross-platform approach makes sure our customers can jump in and use our services instantly instead of waiting for a download.
-Eddystone beacon format beacons released by Google in Feb 2016
-Google is committed​ to location based Physical web pages​ for retail location

Product/Service Descriptions