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Murcia bags are international in spirit , reasonable and attracts wealth and luck for its owners.

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Team Summary

Pushpita Gaur - Founder. Pushpita is from NIFT , delhi (1999). she has worked in various export houses and in the retrail industry for 7 years before starting amanufacturing unit for leather bags and footwear in 2006. The brand MURCIA was launched in 2008 .
Mrinalini Chaudhary- Business head. Been in the retail industry for more than 25 years


Product/Service Summary

Murcia is a fashion accessory online brand inspired by deep rooted culture and history of cities around the world.The handbags and accessories are designed around the principal of Feng shui and attract luck and wealth to the owner.

How are we different?

Murcia is a concept focused on luck and wealth factor and have more pull factor because of this element.our customers have been loyal to us because of our international styling at prices which are 30% lesser than most big brands in India.

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