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Borrow items you need from awesome people nearby. Earn by renting items you own.

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Jul 21, 2016


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Jul 01, 2015


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Jul 01, 2015

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Team Summary

The Team at Mutterfly comes from mix of Corporate and Startup background with over 15 yrs experience in Strategy, Marketing and building scalable Technical applications. Our chief Advisor, Shrirang Tambe, is Founder & CEO of Origa Leasing, India's biggest B2B Leasing platform which is funded by 500 Startups.

*Akshay Bhatia ( Founder & CEO) :Ex-Morgan Stanley and Warwick Business school. IMC UK Qualified. 5+ yrs experience in product strategy & sales.

*Trapti Rai ( Marketing Lead) : Ex-Grofers Scaled growth across 7 Cities. Expertise in Digital Marketing & Data Analytics.

*Dharmesh Sojitra (Technical Lead): Ex- Mastek & Hortonworks. 7+ yrs of experience in handling big data and building scalable applications.


Product/Service Summary

An average Indian stores Rs 20,000 worth of items they don’t use. This shows the serious problem of unnecessary spending. We at Mutterfly are trying to change this behaviour through power of Sharing.

Mutterfly is a peer-to-peer platform that lets you borrow items you need from people around you and helps you earn by renting out your unused items.

How are we different?

a) The Rental market in India is yet to be disrupted by Technology. Mutterfly takes advantage of this opportunity. Mutterfly's Algorithm's and request based P2P model makes renting instant and rewarding for both lender and renter compared to traditional rental platforms.

b) Mutterfly has an Asset light model where it does not store any inventory. This allows faster scalability compared to location based Rental companies.

c) Returns & Refunds is a major issue faced by all e-commerce companies. Mutterfly's 'Try before you Buy' approach aims to solve this problem by allowing users to get a hands on experience before making an impulsive purchase.

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