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A platform for event goers to connect with each other and exchange goods/services around events

Early Revenues

Startup Video



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Nov 08, 2016


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New Team Member

Alex came on board as partner just as we were pivoting to a social platform



New Product Release

We launched the app which was focused on Discovering and Connecting.




Team Summary

Sudhama: A graduate of NYU, with an MS in Computer Science; Worked at Goldman Sachs, New York as Senior Software Engineer for 5 years; Worked at a fast paced startup called Knewton in New York; Co-founded a platform called Houserpro in 2006, which was a map based rental search platform. Has written all of the Server side code of the Muzenly App

Alex: Bachelor of Science in Architecture (University of Texas at San Antonio); Competed in and won the Cadwallader Scholarship in Architecture and Interior Design; Won Top performer for NYC Real Estate agency (NY Living Solutions) 3 years in a row;
Has Traveled to 48 countries and has organized his own music festival.

Alex and I used to live in the same building in New York since 2010 and we also did a road trip through Croatia and Slovenia together in 2014. As Muzenly evolved, our visions aligned and we have been working on it Full Time together since November 2015.


Founding Team

Founder, CEO @, Software Engineer @ Knewton, Senior Software Engineer @ Goldman Sachs, Lean Startup Mentor - Conducted workshops @IITB, @IIMI

WORK (2014 - present)
Founder, CEO

Knewton (2012 - 2013)
Software Engineer

Goldman Sachs (2007 - 2012)
Senior Software Engineer


New York University
Master of Science (M.S.)

avm bandra

COO @ Muzenly

Product/Service Summary

Muzenly is a global community platform for Millennial Event goers to connect with each other and exchange goods/services around events. Goods primarily include Extra Tickets, and Services include Sharing Accommodation and Carpooling.

Through Muzenly, you can make instant connections and Chat in real time with verified users.

Prior to this Pivot, which we made last October, Muzenly was a platform where Indians could buy packages to Music Festivals globally.
We pivoted Muzenly from our customer feedback, to help people whose event plans changed last minute and felt helpless after already paying a lot for tickets and stay, etc. Also, we wanted to help those looking to save money for traveling/stay etc and we realized the best way was to create a shared economy around it. The app was launched recently and we are encouraged by what we see.

Lastly, Chat is an integral part of the platform and we have applied for a patent on the approval based peer to peer chat system

Product/Service Descriptions