Secure Identity Ledger Corporation

  • Delaware, USA
  • Security, Consumer Internet

Secure Identity Ledger Corporation (SILC) is a minority owned company based out of the Washington DC

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Team Summary

Our team consists of young creative entrepreneurs.


Founding Team

Peter Phung


Product/Service Summary

Corporate Overview and Mission Statement

Secure Identity Ledger Corporation (SILC) is the owner and founder of the IAMYID tool and application. IAMYID is a tool that gives users a way to de-identify themselves providing a level of personal identity security applicable to a number of industries and markets. Among the many applications and uses for IAMYID, congressional voter and census data re-identification and then de-identification is one of the entry markets successfully revolutionized by the tool. IAMYID’s de-identification framework is based on a cutting edge block chain implementation. By using the node

infrastructure of traditional block chain technology and integrating it with an intricate data encryption system coupled with a complex randomized private key generation algorithm, IAMYID has found a way to truly de-identify a set of information. IAMYID’s goal and purpose is to utilize their signature framework to address markets and industries that currently lack the ability an

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