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Holidays in India are very dynamic and caters to all classes of people. Right from the low middle to the uber rich.

Proof of Concept

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This company was founded to cater the ever growing travel industry in India.




Team Summary

We are 3 founding partners who are looking after different aspects of this business.
Rizwan - Overall designing and revenue generation
Ameena - Designing Packages & Business Relations
Mauzzam - Research & website content Development

Once we finalize the loose ends and place the packages we plan to hire more experienced staff from the travel


    • Mauzzam

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

We have a website "" to cater to the travel services industry. Holiday industry in India has a hugh potential and we want to capitalize on this. We are designing a product that not only creates holidays, we want to create holidays with a difference and a personal touch. This product will be a one of its kind in the market.

How are we different?

We will not only create holidays for our customers but also advise them on various topics like what to carry, what to pack, do's & dont's. We will give the holidays a personal touch buy having well trained and well knowledgeable staff. We will taken constant feedback from our customers.

Product/Service Descriptions