• Bangalore, India
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Creating a ​virtual marketplace where vendors can create virtual stores and interact with customers.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

​Tanishk and Mahan are the founders. Tanishk handles web development & corporate and Mahan handles mobile apps & server development. Both have good technical knowledge and they are also the part of other startups.


Founding Team

Tanishk Sharma


Mahan Singh


Product/Service Summary

The user side product is a mobile app where users can explore ‘the virtual marketplace’, and interact with the virtual stores on it. The app lets the user set up a profile, search and find vendors, place orders, and then track their orders.
Through the app, user can find and select from many stores online, from basic utilities like internet, milk, bill payments, laundry, and many other local services, which they would otherwise have to go out in real time and complete.
The vendor side of twine is a web app, where vendors can log in and see the orders that users have placed. The vendor first has to log in, and can set up multiple stores. After setting up store, the vendor can then populate items in it, or mark time slots and make it available, or set up their chat etc.
Vendors can see who is placing order for what in real time, or see who has booked time slots with them, or chat with their users in real time.

Product/Service Descriptions