Prof.Dr.David Dibyendu Nag

  • Kolkata, India
  • Cloud Infrastructure, Healthcare CRM, CRM

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Advertisers today pay less and less for the privilege of having their ads on sites, for example. And CPMs (cost per thousand impressions) have plunged. The most basic online metric, page views, are less important than ever, and advertisers are starting to pay only when viewers spend a certain amount of time on a portion of a page.



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I dumped Yahoo after their premium charging of IMAP & POP access to their email and refusal to allow free mail forwarding. Their competitors allow each for free. Fewer Yahoo users mean fewer people seeing any of their ads, fewer views means less revenue. Yahoo drive away users, meaning less revenue, then they try to make up for it by punishing Y

How are we different?

Many online publishers view ad blockers as threats, so it should be no surprise that some, including Yahoo, are fighting back. However, such moves could have lasting effects on the modern Web...!

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