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Najdik,com allows you to search neighboring grocery store and get the items in couple of hours.

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Nov 25, 2015


Team Summary

02 Full time Founder.
A Prahalad- Second time entrepreneur, before this he started Peagle, to engage young children in co-holastic activities like Robotics, theatre etc, with 25 employees in 2 yrs. He served IAF for 10 years.
Ajit Kumar: Before Najdik, started, online portal for HR consultancy, job reviews etc.
02 IIT''ans active howeber will join by Jul 15 ful


    • ajit kumar Gautam

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary, believes in empowering local grocery, vegetable shops with mobile/internet presence. Buyer can search the list compare the prices and get grocery / veg delivered at door step. It includes seller APP, Delivery details etc.
We are starting witha niche market of South Indian Stores in Delhi. These stores are located at farther distances.

How are we different?

Aaramshop is listing shops online, has centralised data. It is not customized to store. store specific and combining the requirement of customer for grocery, veg etc.

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