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NANNAK, with inTRANSIT, connects air travellers with each other and retailers at airports, globally.

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



inTRANSIT will be taking off very soon | Travel Daily News Asia

TDN covers inTRANSIT's expected launch


Announcing the finalists of the first travel startup knockdown in Mumbai | TravHQ

inTRANSIT was selected as one of seven finalists to present at a travel tech conference in Mumbai, in February 2016.


NANNAK Tech founder, Vig Kannan, relocates to Chennai, India to set up office.




NANNAK Technologies Pvt Ltd incorporated.



NANNAK raises seed round of 62 lakh from Nallan Tech Ventures.


New Product Release

inTRANSIT's merchant portal is launched, and is available for partner merchants


New Product Release

inTRANSIT released on Android.




NANNAK raises bridge round of 25 lakh from multiple investors.



Team Summary

At NANNAK Tech, we strongly believe that a team's success is the sum of small efforts that we strive for from each day to the next. What one lacks the other has multi fold. We are worth a fortune, our strength lies in our differences and our value increases each day when we realise each others worth. The only way to success we know is to challenge our limits and do the best today so that we may celebrate tomorrow.

Vig Kannan: Vig, an avid traveller, founded NANNAK in Auckland, New Zealand, and went through a market validation incubation program prior to moving to India to start up. He's an avid traveller and has over 10 years of experience in consulting and business development, having managed critical projects at Big 4 consulting engagements. (His founding story here:

Deepak Ramesh: Deepak is a serial entrepreneur and is currently working on his fourth start up. He's extremely passionate about all things technology and is also a founding director of Pranion Technology Ventures, NANNAK’s technology partners.

Preethy Hariharan: Preethy, with over 12 years of experience in the travel and tourism industry, has worked with and for travel agents in Singapore and Malaysia. She has an educational background in tourism and airline management.


    • Preethy Hariharan

    • Sales Director

    • Deepak Ramesh

    • CTO

Product/Service Summary

inTRANSIT, a NANNAK Technologies solution, the world's first and only social networking platform aimed at the air travel industry. It enhances one's travel experience by improving both the means of communication with other travellers and the quality of time spent at airports.

How are we different?

Current airport apps, available at major airports, provide information for passengers to know about what's available at the airport. But they are nothing more than glorified websites. People are social animals, and 2-way communication is centric to our world. Through inTRANSIT, passengers can communicate with fellow travellers as well as retailers.

Product/Service Descriptions