Nature's Tattva

  • Delhi, India
  • Consumer GoodsFMCG, Marketplace, E-commerce, Platform

India's first and the most unique online platform for DIY beauty products.

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Team Summary

Our team has successfully developed India's first and largest platform for everything Green, Eco-friendly and Organic in India. Nature's Tattva was born from the experiences we had with customers at


Founding Team

Karnesh Mahendru


Product/Service Summary

Nature's Tattva is India first and only DIY beauty brand. It was created from the growing consciousness among consumers for the best quality beauty products, sans the chemicals. It is the birth child of our teams experiences with, India's biggest online retailer for everything Green, Eco-friendly and Organic. We saw a consumer demand for DIY products, and therefore sourced the best available raw materials from across the globe to our customers. With the online platform, we will be providing exclusive content on making your own beauty products (how to's) and also encouraging students, home makers and others to formulate their own unique products using our 100% natural raw materials. We would then offer to market them on the same platform, hence making revenues from B2B as well as B2C sales. Further, we are looking to sell the products offline as well.

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