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  • Delhi, India
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Health technology company delivering customized solutions to different stakeholders for improved patient treatment management

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Business Development Associate Sales & Marketing
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Delhi, India
Enterprise Sales, Business Development, , Communication skills, Healthcare

Job Description
Required a business development associate to interact with physicians, pharmacies and medical providers, including clinics and hospitals. Will be required to engage with them to make them subscribe to a software portal for patient monitoring.
Need to have excellent communication skills. Prior sales experience in SaaS or in healthcare will be preferred. Position will involve intra-city travel, and will be based in New Delhi.
Expect close communication and working with company founders and strong incentive system. Strong potential upside to salary package by hitting high sales targets.

Team Summary

Kunal Kishore Dhawan, a CMU graduate, has 3 years of experience in Business Strategy, Marketing at Fresenius Kabi
Gaurav Gupta, a NSIT Delhi graduate, is a second-gen entrepreneur with 5 years of experience in Biotech business.
Shourjo Banerjee, a University of Wisconsin-Madison graduate in Computer Science, with a passion for programming and solving intricate problems


Product/Service Summary

Navia is a mobile based personal treatment manager designed to support individuals and care givers in ensuring that treatments prescribed by doctors are complied with, which are tracked by a dedicated portal for doctors. Our mobile app allows for real-time monitoring of patients' side-effects, follow-ups, investigations and diagnostic reports.

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