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Managed e-commerce platform for hyperlocal services. Tap to buy services like you buy products.

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Team Summary

3 founders:
Sunil Goyal: IIT Delhi, co-founder/CTO of Wirkle (sold to Silicon Valley based Location Labs).

Lomesh Dutta: Delhi College of Engineering. Co-Founder/COO (sold to Location Labs), Head Biz Dev at Location Labs (acq by AVG)

Akshay Khanna: Delhi College of Engineering, MDI Gurgaon. 10+ years managment consultant. 2+ @Avasant, USA


Product/Service Summary is a managed e-commerce platform for hyperlocal services. We are creating a complete e-commerce experience for hyperlocal services enabling people to buy thousands of everyday services at the tap of a button.

How are we different?

The current players in this space are focused on lead generation we are instead productizing services enabling transactions.

We have created the largest selection of standardized service SKU's with over 60,000 SKU’s spanning across 1000+ services and have aligned service providers to give upfront and transparent pricing on the SKU units.

Product/Service Descriptions