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  • Education, Gaming, Social Impact, empathy, purposeful networking

RealLives boosts empathy through gaming & purposeful networking in scholastic and open game market

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Team Summary

Since its inception, Neeti team has been always in simulation gaming space. Over the time developing so many different simulation games in 3D and 2D and the proficiency in using game engines as well as designing and developing games using open source software has created a well balanced team at Neeti Solutions. Because Neeti's mandate is to work in real data driven games and simulations, lot of talent is attracted to work with us. Some senior staff members are working with us just because we have a social mandate along with doing good business. Dr. Parag Mankeekar has been leading Neeti team over last 14 years, has good networking abilities along with a distinct understanding and passion about simulation games. Being a ideator and supported by a highly passionate technical team led by Ms. Manisha Sathe having 20 years of experience and a young team which is ready of experimentation and using their creative capabilities, has made wonders in many such projects which Neeti has worked on.


Founding Team

Founder, Neeti Solutions Pvt. Ltd & Neeti Solutions LLC, USA. Doctor who works on simulations for social good, passionate disruptionist & living on cutting edge


Neeti Solutions (2001 - present)
Founder Director

Educational Simulations (2008 - present)

Exlnc (2000 - 2001)
Core Management Team


Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg / University of Heidelberg
MIH • 2000 - 2005

MIH • 1997 - 2005

Queen Margaret University College
MIH • 1999 - 1999

Product/Service Summary

RealLives platform aims to empower young with empathy skills & prepare them about emerging world challenges of 21st century & learn responsible role they can play through simulation gaming and purposeful network inspired products.
RealLives RPG allows players 'live somebody else's life in different parts of the world by using open-source Data and go through simulated life with a family, socio-economic status, life events, decision and challenges, almost similar to that faced by someone actually born there giving a 'disparity' awareness. The PRN - 'Purposeful Networking', the next generation of social networking being designed as a tightly coupled with RL/RPG will make player share their empathetic experience meaningfully with outside world motivating for 'empathy to action' in real world. Both products are designed to be successful in both scholastic and open markets & will allow data analytics aiming at 'empathy index' as a user behavior & next level disruption of personal identity.

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