Neev Consultants

  • Bhopal, India
  • Services, Construction Material Management

From Purchasing to Billing Every kind of Services. Customers will get best rates with best services.

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Abhishek Singh Thakur, Founder of NEEV, had been a project Coordinator in a Project management Consultancy firm in Mumbai. Today he is leading a team of his three employees specialized in marketing and billing services.


Product/Service Summary

A Material Consultancy Firm which will be a One Stop Shop for all kinds of Construction materials available in market.. It will be a kind of whole sale Consulting firm in which a self developer or a builder both will get all kinds of construction materials at the best rates.. We will be doing all the material management form Purchasing to billing.

How are we different?

This Idea helps two kinds of persons, One is Supplier & Other Is Buyer.
For supplier we will be increasing there sells, More business means more money.
For Buyers, We will be saving both there time and money. Cheap rates materials will save there money and will eventually decrease there project Cost. & there headache for maintaining suppliers.

Product/Service Descriptions