• Delhi, India
  • Big Data, Natural Language Processing, SaaS

Neuron is a Machine learning platform for text analytics that uses deep learning.

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Web Developer Software Engineer
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Delhi, India
node.js, MySql, Java Script, HTML5, CSS3, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

Job Description
A full time opportunity for a web developer willing to work with a startup. Your role is to work with the core tech team to build the product features lined up. Continuos learning is what is expected from you.  

Team Summary

We've known each other from like past 8 years.
Veer is the designer, and also takes care of the Business development, Aaditya is the head of marketing and leads entire sales as he is pretty awesome at it. While, Juber khan is the Technical head of the company, he takes care of all the business logic for SellMouse


Founding Team

Veer Mishra

Founder, Business Head
WORK (2014 - present)
Co-founder & CEO

mYwindow Inc (2011 - 2014)
co-founder & coo

oasIs Productions (2009 - 2011)
Co-Founder and CFO


nuva college
Bachelor of Engineering (BE) • 2008 - 2012

bishop cotton school
Bachelor of Engineering (BE) • 1996 - 2005

Aaditya kakde

Co-founder & CMO

Product/Service Summary

Neuron is a Machine learning platform for businesses to use the power of AIML to optimize their processes.

Product/Service Descriptions