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India's own Marvel Studio. We will create a line of superheroes who will be monetized through merchandising, films, music, TV, Cartoon etc


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Team Summary

Aashay Jadhav, writer, director
I have been making ad films, short films for about 6 years now. I have been waiting to gain enough experience to make feature films.

Viveck Vaswani, Creative Consultant
Mr. Viveck Vaswani has been in the film industry for around 40 years. He has participated in films at the capacity of producer, actor, writer. He has tremendous goodwill in the industry and we intend to use that.

Rohit Agarwal, Director at Rising Star Media Pvt. Ltd.
Rohit is the co-founder of Rising Star Media along with Viveck Vaswani. He will be a consultant to us along with Mr Viveck.


Founding Team

Aashay Jadhav

Founder, CEO

Digital Academy
2009 - 2010

Product/Service Summary

We are out to create a group superhero franchise. The first film will not have any superheroes. It will have heroes fighting the villain. We will gauge people's response and if it is encouraging, we will pump in more money and turn them into superheroes in the next films. If the response is not encouraging, then we turn it into a Squad film where a number of heroes come together and fight the evil - James Bond style. Ha!
We have contacts at Ramoji Rao Studio who we will be partnering with. Once we have them on board, the expenses will go down by a good 10-15%. Which will be huge!
When you are talking about superheroes you are talking about multiple revenue streams and not JUST ticket sales. You have -
Comic Books
Television Shows
Cartoon Shows
Music Band
We can earn just by SELLING THE RIGHTS for a time period.

Product/Service Descriptions