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Decentralized Exchanges Platform: Transacting the World's Illiquid Asset Classes


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Design Imagineer Lead at Nexchanges Marketplace Software Engineer, UI/UX Designer, Mobile Developer
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Mumbai, India
HTML5, CSS, jQuery, Java Script, User Experience Design, Mobile Application Design, Front End Development , coffeescript, Open Source, Saas , BackboneJS, Adobe Photoshop, Unix, Corel Draw, Github, SCSS, Gimp , Html, Css, Js, Jquery, RoR, Bootstrap, Angular JS

Job Description
You should Apply if You: 
A) Know how to build brilliant interfaces for complex products in different domains – Social, Business, Consumer, Mobile 
B) Understand conflicting requirements and can create a seamless and clean interfaces 
C) Are aware of the best practices and current design styles 
D) Understand or are keen to learn different design protocols – Human Computer Interfaces, Information Architecture, Usability, Cognitive Ergonomics, Color Theory, Typography, Print etc. 
E) Can quickly sketch and build prototypes for quick feedback from the product team 
Have patience to test & retest the entire UX across multiple devices, platforms and browsers 
F) Know how to automate most of these tests 
G) Have experience with web business applications (not web sites) 
H) Are capable of making right decisions while dealing with uncertainties & inadequate information 
I) Are a self-starter, strong sense of ownership, gets things done 
J) Have good understanding of clean, functional design, Story boarding capabilities, design consistency when designing products 
K) Are good in handcrafted code (No HTML Visual/Drag and Drop Editors) 
L) Have experience with building UIs to work in cross-platform browsers: IE, Chrome, Firefox, Safari

Your Role 
1) Lead member of the product development, design & implementation team 
2) Deliver software that works out of the box without compromising on quality. 
3) Work with UX designers and Product Managers to design or implement user interfaces. 
4) Take an idea, a design, or a wireframe and convert that into a living software

Skills Required
Core : illustrator, HTML5 
Frameworks : Proficiency in client-side frameworks (JavaScript, JQuery UI, Ajax, HTML and CSS) . Experience with JavaScript frameworks for building and testing single-page applications, such as AngularJS, Backbone, etc. Experience with AngularJS would be preferred. 
Front-end : Coffeescript, jQuery, Bootstrap, LESS, SASS 
Print : Corel Draw, InDesign, Scribus, Photoshop, GIMP, Inkscape

For Detailed Profile visit our website at

Server Side Engineer - Functional Programming (Erlang/OTP) at Nexchanges Marketplace Product Manager, Software Engineer
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Mumbai, India
haskell, erlang , marketplace, rapid prtotyping, wireframing , distributed systems, exchange , functional programming , p2p, electronic trading, Ruby on Rails, bitcoin, server side programming

Job Description
You will lead the technical design of high performance, scalable, mission critical exchange servers by bringing your knowledge of Erlang/OTP & distributed systems.
You’ll be responsible for ensuring that our software components are expertly designed, tested, debugged, verified & ready for integration. You will need to ensure the implementation is in line with enterprise architecture, principals & agreed design & a quality service is delivered into test & production environments successfully. 
Systems are required to process in excess of 1000 million ask/bids per year at rates of over 1000+ ask/bids per hour (initial prototype level benchmarks)

You should apply if you: 
a) Have an active interest in Distributed Computing, Scalable Systems, Fault Tolerant Systems, Nine Nines Availability Servers in the Multicore Age. 
b) Understand the power of design patterns and appreciate the differences & design considerations between loosely coupled vs tightly coupled architectures when talking about server systems 
c) Have min 1 year hands on experience in functional programming (specially Erlang) & can leverage it’s power to architect new age platforms 
Are an active programmer/hacker who has a self-learning mindset and can master new programming paradigms in short span of time 
Understand and are capable of growth hacking by leveraging lean startup and agile development methodologies.
Your Responsibilities: 
Code deliverable(s) in tandem with the engineering team using git (distributed version control system). Ability to solve problems by looking up opensource projects in git, community-based mailing lists, IRC Channels & Stackexchange for answers to roadblocks
d) Can groom yourself as a technical leader & develop yourself into a full-fleged role of Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Detailed Profile can be read on our website using the below link:

Team Summary

The cofounders are:
a) Sagun Garg

b) Shlok Malik

c) Abhishek Malhotra

They have together previously run a startup for 3 years in which they scaled to a team size of 20 people & have generated a cumulative revenue of 2.3 Million Indian Rupees -approx $3,83,000 (USA)


Founding Team

Product/Service Summary

Our Aim is to create new age platforms for melting (transacting) the world's illqiuid asset classes.
We are building decentralized exchange technologies with subjective matching engines to power marketplaces for illiquid assets of modern economy.

Product/Service Descriptions