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  • Pune, India
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NexCorp Software is the worlds first Digital Media Application designed for Multi Pusposes

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

CEO- Nelson Permal is the owner and founder of Nexcorp Software and Flowerente.

We have a team of highly qualified IT Experts serving in this field for more than 5 years. And a Team of software developers to manage the Application System.


Founding Team

Nelson Permal


Product/Service Summary

Class Bee is an Educational Application Developed and Managed by NexCorp Softwares. Class Bee acts like a bridge between Students, professionals, and Teachers. The Class Bee network enables teachers to share content, Share important notes, assignments, and manage constant interaction with students, and parents. Class Bee is an mobile friendly application that helps students with all their doubts and other problems that are difficult to find elsewhere. Students can make groups with up to 250 members in a single Group.
Assignments can be shared instantly and the solutions to various problems can be updated in no time by Artificial Intelligence.
Class Bee also has its own inbuilt Messenger to help members clear their doubts immediately with other members or ask a Education Expert online and move ahead without wasting time in searching for answers.
Class Bee app can be used by everybody willing to share their content and those who seek answers.

Product/Service Descriptions