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Nivaasa handholds house-hunters through the online and offline process of finding the right home.

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Team Summary

Louis & Reuben have both worked in Management Consulting at Essex Lake Group and Bain & Co. respectively. They've been best friends since their college days at St. Stephen's (Eco - '13).

After starting up in 2016 with Nivaasa v1.0 (a managed rental solution), they decided that although the business was profitable, the Indian supply side market was not ready for disruption and it was best to come up with an alternative solution to solve the problem of house hunting.

Louis handles the Demand Generation, Marketing, and the Tech component for Nivaasa while Reuben handles Supply and Operations. Both have over a year's worth of experience in the Real Estate Sector from Nivaasa v1.0, and have developed a deep understanding of the verticals they handle within the company.


Founding Team

Louis Pereira


Reuben Noronha


Product/Service Summary

Nivaasa provides home seekers with an integrated online-to-offline house-hunting solution.

Customers can use Nivaasa to make better house hunting decisions by partnering with the finest real estate agents and legal advisors in their city.

Nivaasa is not a free for all listing service. We aggregate professional real estate service providers who come highly recommended and are able slash house hunting search time and ensure that each transaction takes place in the safest possible manner.

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