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An online portal providing college study notes and a highly targettted platform for advertising to specific audience in an impactful manner.

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Technical Co-Founder Software Engineer, UI/UX Designer
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Delhi, India
0-3 years of work-ex, Web Development, website designing, Web analytics, SEO, Social Media Marketing

Job Description
The person will be responsible for any and everything technical.

Team Summary

Keshav Padia: A mechanical Engg. final year student. Prior startup experience. Innovate Delhi Entrepreneurship Academy Graduate. Entrepreneurship enthusiast. Blogger.
Akash Banerjee: A Chemical Engineering FInal Year student. Loves to work for himself. Great visionary in education and education technology.


    • Akash Banerjee

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary provides students with an easy to read platform for college notes of all their subjects. The notes are tailored according to the needs of each college and are scanned in high quality using a UHD scanner. The students get exam-ready notes in the comfort of their mobile phones. Wait!!! If phone is a distraction, print the PDFs.

Product/Service Descriptions